The US Army MICC contracted APC Construction to execute this Design-Build contract for the renovations as well as a building addition and structural alterations. The Hangar Building 3145 at Fort Belvoir was an out of date obsolete facility that required a complete renovation of all systems and finishes. The facility includes a 13,700 SF Hangar Bay as well as a 7,500 SF of administrative space. The administrative space includes office space, meeting space, restrooms, and shower rooms.

The project required a complete upgrade of the facility. The building fire protection system was decommissioned and completely removed. A new AFFF High Expansion system was installed including all new risers, branch lines, drops, fire pumps, jockey pump, foam storage vessels, and foam emitters all in conjunction with a new water system. The new AFFF system required additional space for foam storage vessels, pumps, and other associated equipment. To accommodate this additional equipment, the building was expanding to add an AFFF equipment room. The room also includes a new fire water riser from the existing site fire water loop. Due to the weight of the new AFFF emitters the existing roof structure required structural upgrades to support the new equipment and maintain the buildings structural integrity. The upgraded fire protection system also required a new updated fire alarm system for redundant alarms to suspend the water system and trigger the foam system. The new fire alarm included all new conduit, raceways, panels, and devices. The entire building received electrical upgrades complete with new feeders, branches, lighting, panels, and devices. The new electrical system was also designed and constructed to accommodate new owner furnished systems furniture. The administrative space upgrades include new flooring, ceiling grid and tile, paint, hardware, plumbing fixtures, and mechanical re-orientation to accommodate the new layouts. Along with the building upgrades the Hangar bay also received a new floor coating as well as new hangar door system. All work was performed inside a secure facility adjacent to an active runway.