The General Services Administration (GSA), National Capital Region contracted with APC to perform this renovation and upgrades project at the historic Jackson Place Townhouses. This landmark is located across from the White House and forms the western border of Lafayette Square between Pennsylvania Avenue and H Street NW. Jackson Place also houses the United States Presidential Townhouse, which is reserved for the exclusive use of former Presidents of the United States during visits to the Capital since 1969 by order of President Richard Nixon.

This project included, removal of existing blast curtains and install security window film- complying to GSA Level 2 Protection Level Criteria. Installation of a new fence around equipment compound, concrete sub floor work, replacement of the glass panes on the building to ‘replica’ glass to simulate original historic properties. Upgrade light fixtures to incorporate occupancy sensor and factory controls, installation of work surfaces in the attic spaces, and complete restroom renovations.

As well as the HVAC system upgrades and chiller replacement, the objectives of this scope were to remove the existing air handling units and portions of associated infrastructure works, which were beyond their life expectancies and proving to be problematic with operations and maintenance. APC replaced the HVAC system with new state of the art technology HVAC equipment, achieving excellent energy efficiency. Interior storm windows were installed to provide a better layer of insulation and prevent further heat gain or conditioned air loss. The existing chiller was removed and replaced with a larger capacity unit and the remaining glycol chilled service piping was reconfigured to provide chilled service to suits within the building.

The building remained completely operational during the construction of the project. Work was conducted at night. Cleaning crews cleaned building and offices following work each night, before the building occupancies started their work day. Temporary heating and A/C were supplied while HVAC work was being conducted.