The project was a design-build contract for the renovations of the 8,300 square foot second floor and the 8,000 square foot fifth floor in Wedge 1 of The Pentagon Compound. The space within The Pentagon Building was partially demolished from the previous tenant. This particular project required a complete buildout of a Special Compartmental Information Facility (SCIF) for the new tenant, Washington Headquarters Services.

The project features include all new build out of the space included furrdown and coffered ceilings in conjunction with lay in acoustical ceiling tile as well as flooring and associated finish accessories. As required, security measures are built in to secure the space from adjacent occupants/tenants. The infrastructure of the space includes all new electrical that is coordinated and terminated into existing electrical panels. Plumbing renovations of the space are also required and are also coordinated and terminated into the existing plumbing systems within the building. Fire protection systems upgrades include new branch lines tied into the existing risers and new drop pendants that coordinate with the new space layout. The mechanical system required a full upgrade of the AHU’s, hydronic loops, and HVAC distribution to bring the suites up to the new Pentagon standard. All access points are secure utilizing Pentagon specified locking door hardware that is coordinated with Pentagon security systems. The project is also coordinated with the end users third party contractors.